SHIFT started out of a desire to see sex trafficking ended. With a very large task before us, we believe awareness and education is the first step to change. Raising awareness of this evil and equipping the community with the knowledge to make wiser decisions as a parent, youth, or community leader is the mission of SHIFT. Awareness turns into action even through sharing what you’ve learned with others about the dangers of sex trafficking; and one by one; people are becoming educated and lives are being transformed simply by making smarter and safer decisions. We cannot impact and see a change in the world if we do not confront the staggering statistics, have difficult conversations, get qualified training, and be the change we wish to see.

"Complex Problems Require Complex Solutions.”

What is SHIFTai?

We are building a platform that will revolutionize the way we can mass-educate the world about sex trafficking and global exploitation. SHIFTai will utilize a series of algorithms to meet the user where they are at.
The platform will intuitively learn about each unique user and/or organization, analyze existing knowledge, needs, and circumstances; and provide a customized experience with tailored resources and opportunities for engagement and action.
SHIFTai will also provide customized training and curriculum through a range of integrated channels, including film, media and data. No one user experience will be exactly the same. Each experience will be crafted to maximize engagement and impact.


The solution to the problem has to be approached with a multi-layer approach. Not one solution, but many solutions with many ways of getting there. We cannot be everything to everyone, but we can be something for somebody. When we talk about our Algorithm system, we are developing a unique and innovative pro at form which takes the information and calculates the results to give a path to the conversations that lead to transformation and change. We will be partnering with experts in Porn, Abuse, Trauma, Depression, Addiction, Anxiety, Child Exploitation, Grooming, Christian Faith, Sex education, and more. The user will meet these experts in a new way and interact with them online in an innovative experience. Each user will experience the training and journey through film media, animation media, PDF downloads, music, questionnaires, ranking questions, multiple-choice, and then some. The algorithm will then learn the user and pivot accordingly as they interact with the training. We know that not one type of training is good for everyone. People learn in different ways, and we want to work with that and reach the user for maximum effectiveness.


Shift is here to help and create honest conversations about Porn and Porn Addiction. Shift desires freedom for all men and women who are consumed by Porn.

Shift is here today to have those conversations with the youth and parents about true identity in Christ alone. We are partnering with organizations like Girl Above and Free Indeed to get into the hearts of the youth and raise them in Christ and give them a new and renewed perspective.

Shift  is looking to directly approach this tough topic and reality. We are looking to partner with trauma counsellors to develop a network in the city.



Sex trafficking is an extremely human issue.We seek to provide a resource that is made for and driven by the user, driven by humans. And we know that a true “move the needle” solution demands insight and wisdom at every step.


There is an evident need for a human-first resource in which businesses and people can easily learn about the issue of trafficking and engage with anti-sex trafficking initiatives and efforts. We are equipped with the knowledge and experience to create the innovative, yet personal solution that today’s market demands.


We leverage knowledge from strong network of professionals with a wide range of specialized experience addressing sex trafficking issues, including: sex education; social work; abuse and trauma; parenting; depression, anxiety, and self harm; addiction and recovery; grooming; victim support; rescue operations; social media; law enforcement; and domestic terrorism.
We seek to bring to life an innovative, cutting-edge digital platform that effectively educates and redirects people towards freedom; freedom from sex trafficking and its consequences. Freedom from shame, guilt, misguidance, insecurities, mental illness, exploitation, and abuse; to name a few.
Our heart is to reach the masses. SHIFT exists to inspire every person, every group, every community, every business, every government, every religion, every health care facility, every hotel, and every school. Everyone deserves freedom and we champion the power of the individual.


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Facilitate education and training to actualize the prevention of 10 million young adults from falling into the trappings of sexual exploitation, porn, abuse, pimping, and buying of sex.
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Secure the position as the most highly-used platform in the market for moving the needle in the battle against sex trafficking to cultivate a safer world; a safer world for future generations.
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Grow SHIFT to operate as a self-sustaining organization, particularly in the areas of finances and technical operations.
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Establish a nationally-recognized seal of approval for verifying safe business practices that adequately address the risks and presence of sex trafficking in the corporate sector.
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Develop a strong network across a widespread network of individuals from a range of backgrounds with a collective effort to realize freedom from sex trafficking.